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Every day you do your thing

I use my laptop as a heating pad.

In a productive world...

I've got my watch back.

A happy Sara is a extroverted Sara.


I very much enjoyed my weekend.

(FYI Doing something is better than doing nothing and just because I don't force myself upon others to be part of their games doesn't make me less of a person! You're dumb.)

some days are glorious

I did homework in the union.
It was refreshing.
I must do that more often.

I was alone, yet not alone.

I also got to use my music player.
I felt cool.

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followed by a little techno beat

How I wish I could just melt.
I feel emotionless.
Literally...zero emotion.
Which is not good.
It also makes this livejournal post incredibly difficult.
But...the thing is I can feel I need it.
*goes and eats left over sweet potatoes*

Fricken A! I missed Pi Day....

20 minutes after midnight!!!

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