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We'll Make Magic

I'll Run the Joystick

Miss S. Suzanne
I'm a girl. If you really want to know me, ask, or read my damn journal. Can it get more obvious than that?

Disclaimer: I use My Live Journal to complain, get my emotions off my brain for the time being, and for what I have noticed the whole thing seems to work, because I feel better. Even if only temporarily. I believe that I am not accountable for what I say. If you choose to read my journal, you are reading my thoughts of that moment, when my emotions are usually the strongest. If for some reason I upset you with my opinion, so be it, I would want you to leave a comment telling me so. That way I can defend myself instead of being the victim to your anger. Also, because what I write is usually written to relieve emotion, I ask you kindly, that if you read and find you're continually getting upset, don't read at all. Also, by wanting to be my friend, you automatically agree to my disclaimer.